CMTL Archive Facility

CMTL is in the process of establishing a state of the art document archive facility with 2000 square meters of floor. While we have been providing archiving and record management services since 2013, CMTL is expanding operations with the largest facility of its kind in Dar es Salaam. We are excited to be providing superior solutions to the urgent need for archiving in Tanzania. Archiving is critical to the preservation of irreplaceable records for both businesses and individuals. Records are vital to needs such as research and institutional memory.

Through archiving, CMTL is meeting several challenges to the lifetime of valuable records in Tanzania. These challenges include physical environment and climate – pervasive dust, heat and humidity year-round contribute significantly to deterioration of documents. CMTL will maintain the new facility according to international standards of professional archiving and storage. We are putting in place technological measures for strict 24/7 control of physical conditions such as temperature.

Another challenge to which CMTL is responding is a general lack of digitization as practice in the country. In addition to housing your original documents in our facility, we will also produce and keep digital copies for additional safeguarding of your records. Both versions will be available to you as needed. While your records will be well organized for easy access and retrieval, we will protect against any threat to the physical security and confidentiality of all documents.