Founder and CEO

I am pleased that you are taking time to learn more about CMTL Group. It is important that you understand the values that guide us and set us apart in the logistics industry in East and Central Africa.

We have been making life easier for our customers since 2007. We understand that the more conveniences we make available to you, the better you can run your business or personal affairs. That is why we have expanded over the years to offer comprehensive services through a family of transportation, warehousing, and logistics companies. With this integration, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction, allowing us to build long term relationships with clients. In this way, we are happy to be a sort of extension of your business.

This spirit of customer focus reflects our general belief that people are the most vital resource in our industry. The logistics supply chain is only as effective as the people along it. CMTL seeks the best and most trustworthy employees, partners and associates to work with. We owe our success and good reputation to this approach.

I started this company because I saw a need in the logistics market. Today, even as the industry grows, my team and I continue to be visionary and forwardthinking. As the founder, I am invested in CMTL’s longevity. That is why we will continue to develop our services through technology advancement. We will also continue to uphold other values that help us maintain a competitive advantage.

Excellence is one of those values. CMTL does not take excellence lightly as a principle. We recognize that mediocrity and complacency are too often the status quo in the local logistics industry. It is important to us that we raise the bar of services available in Tanzania. CMTL understands that this calls for professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to tracking the latest industry processes and best practices.

Safety as a value deserves special emphasis. It cannot be seen as separate from successful logistics solutions. CMTL prioritizes the safety of you and your employees as much as we prioritize our own. We review all safety plans ahead of execution of services.

We would like the opportunity to show you what CMTL Group has to offer. We also invite you to revisit this website and stay up to date with ongoing developments as we continue to evolve.
Your support is appreciated.