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About CMTL

About CMTL

CMTL Group is a locally based logistics specialist established in 2007. Through natural expansion and strategic acquisitions over the years, CMTL has become a leading force within the logistics industry in Tanzania.

We offer comprehensive services
Through our family of companies, we coordinate multiple stages of the supply chain. Our offering is therefore broad and cost-effective, spanning these client service areas:


  • Transportation, including within East and Central Africa
  • Storage and warehouse management
  • Office and international relocation
  • Distribution
  • Document storage and management

We know what we are doing
As the local industry grows, CMTL remains a leader, partly due to a deep understanding of the challenge of logistics in Tanzania. Our knowledge base is invaluable because we have come a long way and we have done the work, building a wide network of resources and partnerships over time.

We are pioneering
CMTL is also attentive to both local market needs and global standards. This outlook keeps us thinking ahead about sensible ways to grow our offerings, while providing the highest quality of professional services.