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Our Services

Document Destruction

Document Destruction Services - CMTL manages the complete Information life cycle and that includes purging Information when the documents are not needed anymore. Moreover, CMTL ensure that Document Shredding is done in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. We offer document destruction services for documents currently under our management or respond to ad-hoc request from clients.

Retentions Policy

CMTL maintains your records retention schedules in CMTL system and based on your policies CMTL alerts you when these Documents or Files in Storage are due for Shredding.

Notification & Shredding

Once the notification is authorized by you, CMTL prepares all your boxes, and proceeds with the process at CMTL premises with your presence and witness if needed.


Once the Documents are shredded, CMTL provides a certificate of Destruction which enables you to keep the track of destructed Documents and fulfill the legal and regulatory requirements.