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Our Services

Road Freight

Road haulage is central to our logistics solutions in sub-Sahara Africa. We own and operate a fleet of well-maintained and reliable vehicles. Through vehicle tracking and on-board computer analysis, drivers are constantly monitored and analyzed according to driving patterns and on-road performance. Such practice ensures efficient service and accurate delivery times.

Why Us

Our Drivers

We employ a team of highly experienced and customer focused drivers. We look after our driver’s health and wellbeing and in turn they look after our clients

Our Fleet

CMTL Operate a versatile fleet of 90 prime trucks and more than 120 trailers. This fleet is both modern, and highly maintained, which offers our staff the confidence of a safe and reliable workplace, and our clients the assurance of a dependable service.

Our Safety

Safety is our number one priority. This is reflected in our belief that we operate in an environment where risks are carefully managed. We are continuously striving to deliver a safe work place for our employees and a safe operating environment for our clients, their consignments and the public.

Our GPS Tracking

CMTL have invested significantly in a state of the art Logistics Management System known as Mix fleet;. This system accurately tracks the status and whereabouts of your assets in real time. It provides us with detailed reports on time & distances travelled, routes taken, and assists us in managing driver fatigue and safety.


Keeping our fleet on the road, and running reliably would be impossible without the meticulous attention to detail that our maintenance team applies to every component of our fleet.